Pixel Gun 3D Game Tips and Tricks – A Perfect Strategy Guide

The overall concept of Pixel Gun 3D Game is definitely endearing and already won the heart of countless game lovers worldwide. It is the most impressive blocky textures which have become the point of game discussion for the players. For me, if you have not played the game, it is just like missing the golden opportunity of enjoying the most exciting and interesting shooter game.

Pixel Gun 3D Game is basically a first person shooter game and here we have some effective and easy to apply Pixel Gun 3D Game Tips and Tricks to share which will assist you in thriving in the blocky zombie game.

pixel gun 3d tips and tricks

  • Try to learn basics behind the game – On many occasions, players do complain about the lack of winning opportunities even after they have invested plenty of time and effort. Being a newbie to the game, you need to delve into some beginner information which will guide you out in the right direction. In this first shooter game, players are allowed to control any particular character which should survive against endless attacking zombies. According to gameplay, players can travel to the different area via portal but they need to clear the previous location. Players are served with a range of weapons which are more than sufficient to shoot appearing zombies. In the game, you need to make efforts to avoid huge damage as you will be forced to repeat the game from the beginning if you die.


  • Try to learn the layout of each map – Learning out the layout of each map is a highly effective tip as the game comes with a fixed layout. When you enter the game, you will find similar maps every time so if you memorize them, it would be helpful in finding locations in quick time. With these locations, it will become possible to find spots to shoot zombies. As a player, you need to make a perfect blend of safer locations along with knowledge of zombie’s behavior to stay alive for more time. Try avoiding getting caught in a corner and memorize the locations which will protect you from the attacks of zombies.


  • Focus On your Gunfire all the time – No matter whether you are attacked by one or two zombies, you need to focus on your gunfire all the time. Whenever you get a chance to cop some headshots, try to grab it with both hands. Generally, players keep on firing aimlessly when they are attacked by a large group of zombies. Don’t panic, hold your breath and attack with proper planning to proceed ahead in the game.


  • Always keep moving or avoid standing still – If you don’t move and keep attacking from one position, you are bound to receive huge damage in quick time. Pixel Gun 3D Game is for active players who will keep on searching for new and safe locations to attack. Yes, the art of keep moving will come with the passage of time but standing still should never be an option to attack. Just keeping moving and shooting as it will allow you to kill maximum number f zombies.


  • Keep Your Eyes On Zombie Heads – As a player you need to keep in mind, you will not find all the zombies at ground level. There will be some bouncing zombie heads that will try hard to chew away at your knees. You need to be very careful and pay special attention to small crawling zombie heads and try to shoot them. If possible, make use of the touchscreen and aim it at ground level. If you find anything moving just hit it. Even if you kill these crawling zombies, you will do huge damage to standard enemies.


  • Application of Hack Tools for the Apple Devices – Hack tools are available for Apple devices and they will surely act as a blessing in disguise for the players who are finding it difficult to play the game. With the use of pixel gun 3d hack tool, endless resources of the game will be unleashed in quick time. The sole aspect of concern is the application of safe hack tool which is free from all sorts of viruses and malicious codes. Once you are able to find a quality hack tool, it will become possible to become a tough competitive player with your gaming skills.


  • Try to reload quickly when you get an opportunity to relax – Players need to remember all the time, the guns won’t reload automatically. So when you get a chance to breathe just tap the manual reload button. Avoid blasting the enemies till the last bullet and never run low on ammo. These are little but very effective tips which will definitely take your gaming experience to another high level. It is always advised to reload when you observe two or three remaining bullets in the clip.


  • Always prefer to play the bigger maps first – Last but not the least, playing the bigger maps first is another crucial Pixel Gun 3D Game Tip and Trick. When you play with the bigger maps it becomes possible to understand the core concepts of the game and develop tactics which will lead to winning results. Currently, there are 6 maps available so always try to select the bigger ones if you are new to the game. With smaller maps, you will find zombie lot closer to you which will easily lead to the panic situation. Bigger maps simply allow you to develop attacking strategies which you can further implement in small and medium maps.


Final Words

Surely, there is much more Pixel Gun 3D Game Tips and Tricks to gain but the ones mentioned above are best suited to play Pixel Gun 3D Game with perfection. If you still have certain doubts and would like to learn more tips and tricks, better is to explore quality online sources and enrich your knowledge. Don’t get trapped inside fake or scam sources which serve you with tips and trick of no use. Be safe and play awesome Pixel Gun 3D Game with our tips and tricks.