The online world knows no limits, which is why video gamers love sharing their game footage’s online. With the growing social gaming group, one-click access to thousands of online video games is now possible. All can now join and follow their favorite games and at the same time link to millions of other gamers around the planet. You can be among them if you try and play Pixel Gun 3D and be the best shooter known online.

Gameplay Overview

A first-person shooter (FPS) iOS and Android game, Pixel Gun 3D lets gamers battle with and against each other live. Players can try this single-player and multiplayer FPS game with its Survival Campaign, Cooperative, and Deathmatch modes. The game is available for free download. For Apple devices, iOS 5.0 and up is required, and 4.0.3 and up for the Android devices.

As an adult multiplayer FPS, I find Pixel Gun 3D to be quite satisfactory with game controls that are easy to handle and very cool sound effects. The game also has a sturdy multiplayer community. The campaigns can be played offline and the survival and the Deathmatch for team are free for all. I am just amazed at how addictive Pixel Gun 3D is. Here, gamers enter the battlefield with a pixelated weapon and fight their way out. The player is given access to a wide variety of weapons and accessories they can use to win battles, get trophies and be the best player in the game. The weapon’s availability depend on your game mode and level.

Pixel Gun 3D Game Review

Survival Campaign features 10 exciting levels, which of course gets harder as you progress in the game. This is where you can test how long you can survive. Zombies are everywhere and it feels like you almost have zero chance of getting out alive. You have to kill them all to face the zombie boss, which is tougher and bigger. Once you defeat him, you can then move on to the next level. There is a wide variety of weapons at your disposal in survival mode, like hand guns, machine guns, and so much more.

The Multiplayer Modes come with maps of different sizes and shapes to navigate. There are several online modes in Multiplayer to choose from, including Deathmatch, and Cooperative Survival. They also offer more than 100 kinds of weapons.

For the Deathmatch, up to 10 worldwide or local players can participate in the game. Their weapons range from a bow, a gun or to the simplest kind, like the knife. In the Cooperative Survival mode, there are 8 unique maps available and a maximum of 4 players can participate in the game with an aggressive game play. Various maps can get you to cooperate with others to battle against scary monsters or let you fight with each other to earn coins, gain ranks, and unravel new campaigns. Top results will give away coins.

Everything just feels so realistic and huge. The levels are all inviting and exciting. The game developers are obviously into FPS type of games. They definitely know what their players want in a game. The game also features a skin maker which allows you to customize your own appearance in battles. You can do them with the tools and colors of all sorts or you could even choose a skin that’s already made by other players. You can get accessories like hats and capes to match your skins. The fun thing is they are free to try. You can delete it when it does not fit your taste without losing any coins.

 Graphics Quality

The graphics and interface are not pleasing to the eyes though. The entire visual is pixelated: enemies, heroes, weapons, and maps. This gives gamers a hard time seeing the details of enemies, especially when they’re at a very close range.


While some parts of the game are okay for children, I think parental supervision is needed in some. The game helps kids learn how to use money wisely and be well at saving and planning. The downside, however, is that the chat and messaging systems are open, which means inappropriate conversations and images are not screened. Children who are playing this game are exposed to various stuff that are floating around. I saw pictures that are pornographic and read chats that have sexual content. Some conversations are really offending and derogatory in nature. Worst, the game does not have an option to turn it off. Also, it is a game about killing which is no doubt inappropriate for young children. It is very violent since it deals with all sorts of weapons.

But the chat and messaging systems have advantages too. Most players end up making friends with someone while they chat in the battlefield. Through these game features, they can exchange tips, strategies, boasts scores, or sometimes just get along while enjoying the game. Through the pals and clan system, it is easy to find and join forces for new battles, or compare achievements and characters. Also, they can make their own clan composed only of the strongest players.

 Game Features

Pixel Gun 3D also allows its players to share achievements on some social networking services. There are now icons that are linked to Facebook and Twitter to show off their scores and points, and at the same time engage others to contest. You can get pixel gun 3d hack by searching on the net just be sure to use trusted one.

For the in-app price of $0.99, I think it is worth all the money. You have to have the patience and the skills to enjoy this game. The challenging levels are hard to get through. But the really fun part is you can fight and challenge your friends or opponents as long as you are in multiplayer vs. player mode. Earning free coins, however, is the most difficult part of this game. Coins and rankings take a while to get, thus you have to be very clever in how to get these coins. Otherwise, you are going end up spending a good amount of your fortune.

For those who love guns and minecraft style of gaming, this game is definitely for you. I genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and I know you will too. Now go and download it!