Are You Aware Of Pixel Gun 3D Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions?

Pixel Gun 3D is an impressive mobile game that allows you to carry out intense battle with your friends and other people around the world. The presence of both multiplayer and single player mode really allows players to have lots of fun in short time. Yes, the selection of modes will entirely depend on the needs of the player but still, there are some important queries being faced by all. These frequently asked questions have been disturbing many players worldwide and we do have some nice solutions to share. Pixel Gun 3D game comes with many cool features like creating and customizing your own characters, using special skins and applying maps of different sizes as well as shapes.

Both the gaming modes are pretty challenging and will do offer an exciting gaming experience that you will cherish for a long time. Now, when you deal with the game for a while you will find some issues. As said, Pixel Gun 3D is a massive game and minute glitches are bound to occur. Some of these issues could be easily sorted out at your own level. You are not required to take professional assistance all the time in order to play Pixel Gun 3D game properly.  Just go through the following mentioned details carefully and boost your chances of playing the game with ease.

Is it possible to add colors to profile name (Pixel Gun 3D)?

Yes, there is a way to add colors to your Pixel Gun 3D profile as first of all, you are required to locate a proper website that contains the color codes. Here you need to make sure; the selected website must only share the color code in 6-character format. The game only allows the application of HTML codes so when you select the code in a different format it will not work. When you get the color code website, you must scan the color chart carefully and select the color that you desire to use. Once you get the code, remember it as you must paste it in the username form.

The third step is to reload your Pixel Gun 3D app, go to profile and paste the code where you see the username. At last, you are just required to exit the profile and show others your colorful profile name.

How to restore your resources (coins, rank, weapons and more)?

On numerous occasions when your gaming device gets lost, it becomes really hard to get back the resources like coins, weapons, rank and skin. Under such circumstances, if you have not kept back up of your lost device, the chances of getting back resources are next to zero. Here it is worth to mention indeed, players must understand the data present in your gaming app is not transferrable. However, you can try out one method of getting a hacked profile and using all its data like cash, full rank, and weapon. Even under such circumstances, you will not be able to get your skin.  Linking your Pixel Gun 3D with iCloud or using any other backup is a great way to ensure of securing your resources even when the gaming device is lost or some sort of damage take place. At last, when you have lost everything, there is no better way than connecting Game Center and trying out your luck.

Sudden Disappearance Of Help UZI?

Many players have asked queries related to the sudden disappearance of help UZI. Before getting deep into the solution, we would like to mention out reasons behind it. There are three main reasons and the most vital one is your gaming device being rooted or hacked. You need to make sure, the device doesn’t get hacked or rooted in order to enjoy the game properly. Many times, players forget to subscribe the Facebook account of Rilisoft or even download a defective or wrong Pixel Gun 3D game. These are the circumstances when you face issues like the disappearance of Help UZI so just avoid them.

Overall, issues faced related to Pixel Gun 3D are not huge and gamers are just required to follow a careful approach in order to sort them out.