Pixel Gun 3d Beginners Guide – Get Known To The Basics!

An Introduction About Pixel Gun 3d!

Have you heard about Pixel Gun 3d game? Pixel Gun 3d is basically a highly exciting survival shooter game designed for different platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android. In the game, players will act as a custom character (Minecraft-esque) and try to kill zombies. The challenge of killing zombies or monsters will get harder and harder with each level. The sole motive of the game is to keep blasting enemies and earn coins.  It is an exciting horrifying game to play in your free time. Till date the game has got mixed reviews but most liked by the individuals who love shooting.

Pixel Gun 3d Beginners Guide has been specifically designed for the players who are just introduced to the game and finding it pretty hard to survive. With our guide, one can easily kick out the tough aspects and enjoy the game fullest with ease.

Make Complete Use of Survival Mode

pixel gun 3d survival mode

Making use of the survival mode is the best way to practice and get used to the Gameplay. The mode will also act as the best way to earn some quick coins and increase your power. The main motive of the player is to survive attacks and kill the enemies. It sounds easy but the task is pretty daunting one. There would be wave after wave of attacks which will make the task lot difficult. The only way to achieve your goal is strafing. Ideally, you need to move in the circles and keep holding the fire button. Always keep your gun aimed at zombies and adjust the firing finger to change your aim.

Survival mode will easily teach you the basic concepts of the game which are so crucial when you proceed ahead and face high difficult levels. Pixel Gun 3d game is fast paced and players need to monitor the situation precisely. You need to keep moving all the time as when you get stuck, zombies will kill you easily.

Always try to Aim Lower

Aiming lower is critical as it will allow you to make a quick transition from killing zombies that are walking to killing slugs and crawler. When you aim lower, all your shots will do a huge amount of damage even when you have missed out the head shots. This is the ideal way indeed to gain complete control over the game and kill most of the zombies in quick time. Aiming lower is difficult as you are asked to keep moving all the time. Generally, players do remember to aim lover but don’t move actively and get trapped by zombies. The game is all about maintaining the adequate balance between your movement and aiming. If you are able to do that, it will become possible to cross high difficulty levels.

Remember Three Goals To Complete

Just remember, in the game, there would be three main goals to complete in every stage. When you are able to complete these three goals with the success you will earn stars. In order to start with, the first goal is to kill all the monsters. The second goal which will earn you star is to kill the monsters in quick time. You can’t make too much delay. Just be on your toes all the time and make some quick movements along with better aiming to complete the monster killing task in less time. The third goal is to kill the monsters without taking any damage. All these goals with earn you stars. The difficulty level of the game will not have any impact on the earned stars. Ideally, you must pick easy in order to increase star numbers.

Deathmatch Mode

It is the death match mode in which killing yourself will decrease one of your kills. It is always nice to find a secure place to take cover. With the cover, it will become easy to shoot up your enemies. Aiming low and keep moving are not only vital aspects but you must also keep attacking the players who are distracted. These distracted players are easy to kill as their health is down and they are of no use.

How To Attain Free Coins?

Would you like to get some quick free coins in the Pixel Gun 3d Beginners game? Seems like a bit silly question to me. In order to tape the free coins button, you are required to post your own scores on facebook or twitter. If you are not interested in bugging your friends, better is to change your facebook privacy settings to “Only me”.

Importance of online tools

pixel gun 3d coins

Gone are the days, when it was nearly impossible to find quality online tool for a popular game. Recently a good number of quality online tools have been launched to assist players with some quick and unlimited coins while playing Pixel Gun 3d game. These tools are completely safe to use and free from all sorts of pit holes. There is nothing like investing too much time and effort when it comes to using these tools. Just follow the guidelines properly and avoid the ones which have bad reviews or lower ratings. It would be ideal to use online generators as there is no need to download or risk your gaming device with viruses and malicious codes.


Pixel Gun 3d Beginners Guide mentioned here is simply best in the business and most liked by the players who are new to the game. Following any other guide is mere wastage of time and effort. Only quality guides like ours will help in understanding the core concepts of the tough and popular games like Pixel Gun 3d.

Shooting games have always been an exciting prospect but Pixel Gun 3d is bit different and more interesting. With awesome graphics, you are bound to get entertained. For players, who still have certain doubts it would be better to watch quality video tutorials and follow the guide details properly.